Farin urlaub - porzellan

The main highlight of the album is the second track,  Schrei nach Liebe  (lit. “Silent Cry for Love”). The song is one of the best known anti-fascist political anthems in Germany. The track was made in context of the Riots of Hoyerswada. The song tells the story of a fictional right-wing fascist who gets insulted.

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According to some reports, the difference between the songs Vetter has written solo and those he has written for Die Ärzte is that his solo pieces are more personal and topical. He tried to make his songs for Die Ärzte as "timeless" and funny as possible, influenced by the Comedian Harmonists . Many of his songs are about being left by one's partner ( Zu spät (Too late), Wegen dir (Because of you), Wie am ersten Tag (Like on the first day), Komm zurück (Come back), Nie gesagt (Never told you), OK , 1000 Jahre schlechten Sex (1000 years of bad sex), Nichts in der Welt (Nothing in the world)) or are just nonsense ( Buddy Holly's Brille (Buddy Holly's glasses), Außerirdische (Extraterrestrials), WAMMW (Abbreviation for Wenn alle Männer Mädchen wären — If all men were girls)). Since the reunion of Die Ärzte, he has also written socially critical and political songs ( Kopfüber in die Hölle (Headfirst into hell), Schrei nach Liebe (Cry for love), Schunder-Song, Der Misanthrop, Rebell, Deine Schuld (Your fault), Nicht allein (Not alone)).

Farin Urlaub - PorzellanFarin Urlaub - PorzellanFarin Urlaub - PorzellanFarin Urlaub - Porzellan